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What a joke! That is not what I am seeing? This from the same guy who promised to lower costs for Family Health Insurance by $2500 a year?    

The man who runs Minnesota's online health insurance marketplace says there is plenty of work ahead as MNsure prepares for this fall's effort to get as many residents signed up as possible, as smoothly as possible.

IRS provides details on employers’ healthcare insurance reform reporting requirements By Jessica Webb-Ayer, JD, Legal Editor When it comes to healthcare insurance reform, the employer responsibility section (also commonly referred to as the “play or pay” provision) has... Read more

Amid growing consumer frustration and a series of embarrassing disclosures, MNsure Executive Director April Todd-Malmlov resigned Tuesday from her post running the state's new health insurance exchange.

Republicans intensified criticism of the states fledgling health insurance exchange Monday as Minnesota consumers are one week from MNsure enrollment deadline to receive health coverage next year.

Spending on doctors , drugs and other medical care in Minnesota grew a tiny 2 percent from 2010 to 2011.........

Worries about Minnesotas new online health insurance marketplace are keeping Dayton awake at night.

When Jennifer Slafter first ran the numbers, she thought the new federal health care law would cost her family an extra $171 a month for an insurance plan with a higher deductible. So the stay-home mom from southeastern Minnesota felt compelled to go public with her frustration. Though she voted... Read more

(Reuters) - A surge of visitors clogged the U.S. government's revamped healthcare insurance shopping website on Monday, signaling that President Barack Obama's administration has a way to go in fixing the portal that showcases his signature domestic policy.

Some consumers seeking coverage through MNsure, the state's new health insurance exchange, might have received incorrect information about whether they qualify for federal tax credits or coverage from a public health insurance program, officials said Tuesday.

The success of the Affordable Care Act could ultimately turn on the performance of an agency that has so far eluded the public spotlight amid the program’s tumultuous rollout. Whether the new law can be enforced will be up to the Internal Revenue Service, an already beleaguered agency... Read more

Republicans are pressing for answers about whether MNsure, the state's new health insurance exchange, will successfully complete enrollments so that people have coverage on Jan. 1. As of Nov. 3, 1,774 people had signed up for coverage through the health exchange, where qualified health... Read more

While substantial attention has been given to the so-called “play or pay” rule, which will penalize larger employers that don’t offer insurance in 2015, a series of recent reports indicates that businesses of all sizes, in Minnesota and elsewhere, are voicing their concerns about... Read more

WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama, in a retreat aimed at quelling the latest protest over his health-care law, on Thursday said insurers can extend by one year those policies they had canceled for failing to meet the law's requirements. Mr. Obama accompanied the policy shift with an... Read more

It’s getting worse. I’m talking about the cool ads coming from Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and ProgressNow Colorado Education to promote PPACA. Now that they’ve dealt with bros, they’ve moved on to the hoes — no, seriously.

For the past two months, Minnesota officials have celebrated how health insurance rates in the Twin Cities will be among the lowest available in the country next year. But Larry Goedtel isn't joining the party. Like some other consumers, Goedtel is looking at a steep premium increase for... Read more

When asked "Does your organization sponsor a Christmas or year-end holiday party/celebration for employees?", 69.9% of employers responded that they do. Of those employers hosting a party, 56.9% said they hold their party off-site versus within their facility according to the survey,... Read more

Millions of Americans are being informed they're being dropped from their insurance plans because the plans don't meet minimum Obamacare standards, but President Obama so far has stood by his promise that "if you have insurance that you like, then you will be able to keep that... Read more, built by 55 contractors, is one of the most complex pieces of software ever created for the federal government. It communicates in real time with at least 112 different computer systems across the country. In the first 10 days, it received 14.6 million unique visits, according to... Read more

From his insurance agency in Stillwater, Dennis Conger has seen in recent weeks how the St. Croix River can divide Minnesota and Wisconsin in unexpected ways. As Conger has worked with clients shopping for individual health insurance policies, he's been surprised by premium rates on the... Read more

(CBS News) WASHINGTON - For 31 days now, the Obama administration has been telling us that Americans by the millions are visiting the new health insurance website, despite all its problems.   But no one in the administration has been willing to tell us how many policies have been purchased,... Read more

Despite the promises of choice and affordability offered by the federal health care overhaul, many Minnesotans outside the Twin Cities area aren’t seeing much of either. In certain pockets of the state, shoppers on the new MNsure website have just a handful of insurance companies to choose... Read more

The state has received a $41 million grant from the federal government to further the ongoing implementation of its health insurance exchange site, known as MNsure. With this latest infusion from the feds, Minnesota has received about $155 million to hire staff and vendors and build the website,... Read more

So few insureres offer plans on some of the new government health insurance exchanges that consumers in those states may pay to much or face large rate increases later, insurance experts say.

While more than 12,000 Minnesotans have created MNsure accounts, fewer than one-third of those have completed enrollment in health plans, state officials said Wednesday. The meager sales figures didn’t alarm MNsure officials — not when Minnesotans still have two months to secure... Read more

WASHINGTON — China has become shrill in its criticism of the fiscal train wreck in the United States, arguing that the answer to a potential government default is to begin creating a “de-Americanized world.” Beijing’s alarm is understandable, given that it is the world... Read more

Daniel Schmidt is intrigued by the idea of buying coverage for his small-business employees through the state's new health insurance exchange. But the more pressing issue for Schmidt's office products business is a possible rate increase of up to 40 percent if he renews in 2014 his current... Read more

MNsure officials said Wednesday that the online marketplace for health insurance has fixed the identity-verification problems that at one point kept half of interested shoppers from creating accounts and pricing health benefits on the site.

Registration problems that prevented some Minnesotans from shopping for health coverage last week on the new MNsure website have been fixed, officials said Monday, but a new one has emerged.

Officials with MNsure, the state's health insurance exchange, asked people shopping for insurance online to delay creating accounts for a period Thursday because of problem connecting with an identity verification system operated by the federal government.