A nonpartisan review of MNsure's lapses

Monday, February 23, 2015

Editorial: A nonpartisan review of MNsure's lapses
The MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE says: A much-anticipated report released last week confirmed what many Minnesotans who spent hours trying to buy health insurance on MNsure already knew: The online marketplace performed miserably during its first months of operation. From a call center that was understaffed to software vendors who overpromised and underdelivered, an expensive website intended to make it easier for Minnesotans to buy health insurance instead complicated the process in late 2013 and early 2014. ... At the same time, Republican schadenfreude over the report was palpable. State Republican Party Chairman Keith Downey issued a call to shut down the exchange - a conclusion that the auditor's report noticeably does not reach. Downey and others who want to scrap MNsure are badly out of touch with the state's health care and business leaders. Among the organizations that oppose a shutdown: the Minnesota Medical Association, the Minnesota Hospital Association, the Minnesota Council of Health Plans and the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce. These organizations generally are pushing for specific MNsure fixes.