MNsure shoppers are older, which could signal cost increases

Thursday, February 18, 2016

All the young healthy people will sign up, so that will lower costs for everyone!!! Wait.

From the ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS: 'Consumers buying health insurance through MNsure are getting older, according to data released Wednesday from the latest round of open enrollment, a troubling sign that could mean increasing costs. The state's health insurance exchange celebrated meeting its goals for private coverage signups after enrollment closed at the end of January, finally hitting a critical goal after two years of setbacks. But the details behind those numbers show the share of residents 55 and older who bought insurance through MNsure have jumped by 7 percent since 2015, while the pool of younger enrollees shrank.
Signing up young adults between 18 and 34 - dubbed "young invincibles," too healthy to buy insurance - is critical to keeping prices down because the healthier enrollees help offset higher costs of older customers.