With Minnesota's first big surplus in years, everyone wants a tax cut

Monday, March 16, 2015

From the MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE: From military veterans to medical device companies, from retirees on Social Security to pizzeria owners, legions of Minnesotans are coming to the Legislature for tax cuts. The pilgrimage to the ¬Capitol happens every year, but this time, it's different. For the first time since Jesse Ventura was governor, the state faces a new budget year flush with a surplus expected to hit $1.9 billion. That has prompted dozens of interest groups to propose all manner of tax cuts and credits on everything from gold coins to child car seats, from gym memberships to cigarettes and modular housing. ... Republicans also favor a proposal advocated by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce that would exempt business income from the new fourth tier of the income tax directed at the wealthy. ... "This is a great opportunity to use those surplus dollars to improve Minnesota's business climate," said Beth Kadoun, director of tax and fiscal policy at the Minnesota Chamber, whose political arm Pro Jobs Majority helped vault House Republicans to victory.