Judge orders Minneapolis $15 minimum wage question to ballot

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My opinion on this is that it will lead to fewer entry level jobs, more automation, and more competition from retirees, etc, for those entry level jobs that remain. Not going to help the people it is intending to help.

From the MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE: A Hennepin County judge on Monday overruled the Minneapolis City Council's decision to block a $15 minimum wage charter amendment, ordering that the issue be placed on the November ballot. Judge Susan Robiner issued her decision more than a week after she heard arguments from advocates who gathered enough signatures to send the issue to voters. The City Council, following the legal opinion of City Attorney Susan Segal, previously had voted to prevent the proposal from reaching the ballot. A majority of council members said they believed the issue was not a proper subject for a charter amendment, the only type of action allowed to be put to a direct vote.