The 20 Happiest States in the U.S.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

While there's no secret formula for happiness, research suggests that certain factors can influence our overall well-being.

In fact, everything from the type of job you have to your relationshipsand your level of physical activity can influence your satisfaction in life. Studies have also found that our "everyday contentment" increases with our income — but this relationship plateaus after an annual salary of $75,000, although this threshold likely variesdepending on where you live.


In a new study, personal finance website WalletHub examined the happiness level of all 50 states in the US using 28 key factors, drawn from relevant research. This includes metrics such as depression rate, sports participation rate, income growth, and more.

According to WalletHub, here are the 20 happiest states in America, ranked in increasing order of happiness.

You can read more about the study's methodology on WalletHub.

20. Illinois

Illinois has the fourth lowest share of adult depression in the US.

19. Massachusetts

Massachusetts is the third safest state in the country.

18. Connecticut

According to WalletHub's study, Connecticut has the fifth lowest suicide rate in the country.

17. Idaho

Idaho ranked third out of all 50 states in the study's "work environment" category.

16. Washington

Washington has the third highest sports participation rate in the country.

15. Colorado

Colorado has the number one highest sports participation rate out of all 50 US states.

14. North Dakota

North Dakota has the number one highest income growth and the number one lowest long-term unemployment rate.

13. Vermont

Vermont is the number one safest state in the US, according to WalletHub's study.

12. Virginia

Virginia and New York tied for the fifth lowest share of adult depression in the country.

11. Maryland

Maryland has the third lowest suicide rate out of all 50 US states.

10. New Hampshire

New Hampshire ranked second out of all 50 states in the study's "community and environment" category.

9. Wisconsin

Wisconsin has the fourth highest volunteer rate out of all 50 states in the US.

8. Iowa

Iowa has the third lowest long-term unemployment rate in the US.

7. South Dakota

Out of all 50 states in the US, South Dakota has the second highest income growth.

6. New Jersey

New Jersey has the second lowest suicide rate in the country.

5. Nebraska

Nebraska has the fourth lowest long-term unemployment rate, according to the study.

4. California

California ranked second out of all 50 states in terms of "emotional and physical well-being."

3. Hawaii

Hawaii has the number one lowest share of adult depression out of all 50 states.

2. Utah

Utah has the number one fewest average work hours in the country.

1. Minnesota

According to WalletHub's study, Minnesota has the third highest adequate sleep rate out of all 50 states in the US.

Here's the complete ranking of all 50 states, from most to least happy.

1. Minnesota

2. Utah

3. Hawaii

4. California

5. Nebraska

6. New Jersey

7. South Dakota

8. Iowa

9. Wisconsin

10. New Hampshire

11. Maryland

12. Virginia

13. Vermont

14. North Dakota

15. Colorado

16. Washington

17. Idaho

18. Connecticut

19. Massachusetts

20. Illinois

21. Arizona

22. New York

23. Montana and Pennsylvania (Tie)

25. Maine

26. North Carolina

27. Kansas

28. Texas

29. Michigan

30. Georgia

31. Florida

32. Oregon

33. Rhode Island

34. Indiana

35. Delaware

36. Ohio

37. Nevada

38. South Carolina

39. Wyoming

40. New Mexico

41. Alaska

42. Tennessee

43. Missouri

44. Kentucky

45. Mississippi

46. Arkansas

47. Alabama

48. Louisiana

49. Oklahoma

50. West Virginia

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