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This is essentially what Obama was trying to create, which is a market that eliminates Company Sponsored health plans and moves everyone to individual coverage. That is a good thing for business to...

Vision. Integrity. Success.

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At Clairmont Financial Group, LLC, our Vision and Integrity translate into your Success.

We are Problem Solvers and Solutions Providers. Our product is Intellectual Capital and our "value added" is Dedication and Commitment.

We represent and manage our Client's interests in a continually volatile and uncertain system. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our most valued constituency, our Clients.

Our Work. Your Benefits.

In God We Trust

The marketplace might seem like the wrong place to make a statement of Faith. On the other hand, the words "In God We Trust" are prominently displayed on the very object of our vocational enterprising, the "Almighty" dollar.

Our philosophy is that it is both disingenuous, and frankly, impossible for us to try and separate "What We Do" from "What We Believe". The two are inextricably linked together. "What We Believe" informs every choice and decision that we have and forms the foundation for "What We Do".

In fact, the qualities and traits through which we strive to live out and demonstrate our Faith; Forgiveness, Honesty, Integrity, Compassion, Generosity, Commitment and Discipline, are the very same traits that make our firm successful. They are the very same traits and qualities that instill confidence and security in our clients.

In this current environment, when all things seem relative and "Absolutes" are increasingly difficult to define, we are proud to stand on one simple, unwavering truth.

In God We Trust.